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Hello beautiful, I love that you are here!

Are you ready to step into your feminine leadership?


Where there is both room for a harmonious and nourishing family life and a passionate career?


Then you have landed in the right place.


Because I can teach you to master your life in a completely new and nourishing way, where you become so passionate about yourself and your life, that you boasts of mental energy, joy and everyday happiness.

I would love to co-create on my

Quantum Leap

The ambitious and conscious woman’s gateway to rediscovering true passion and everyday happiness.

Quantum Leap is for you who have it all; the husband, the job, the children and the cool home, but you are still longing to crack the code to profit, passion and everyday happiness!

Because yes, it is possible to create a life of both, you just have to know how and I would love to teach you.

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Marie Fogh Bøgh

Lotte has the uncanny ability to get straight to the core of my challenges straight away. The way she sees and reflects me is so deep, and always from my highest potential. She is just razor sharp, loving and spot on – every time!


After all, I went from abundance stagnation to abundance thrive. With sales for over 75,000 ex VAT made in one week – just after Lotte’s clearing!

Julie Börger

Lotte has an absolutely fantastic presence, and an incredible ability to quickly spot where you are limiting yourself from living the life you dream of. It makes you feel like you have taken a quantum leap in your self-development every time you have talked to her.


I felt 100% safe throughout.

Helene Myrtue

I have spoken to other professionals before Lotte, but no one has gotten to the heart of the matter so quickly before.

In addition, Lotte made me look at my story from a completely new angle – it was the wildest experience.


What if I told you that it is possible to have both a passionate career and a great, harmonious family life?

Many of us think that it must be hard to create the life we ​​dream of. The alternative is to choose either your career or your family life.


But I’m here to tell you that it’s actually possible to create both parts, – simultaneously – without you having to fuss and fuss about it, and then soothe yourself with wine and SoMe on the sofa.


Because if I know you correctly, you actually have a lot of resources at your disposal. You are super energetic and you are good at making things happen, and if there is a need for it, you always have one more gear.


Perhaps this is actually what makes you wonder why you still have the feeling that there is not enough time, energy and joy in your everyday life, when you are now so efficient, well-liked and skilled?


I know it too well!


I have spent so many years of my life struggling to get recognition from others.


It is a completely natural part of our culture, and I had decoded that.


But it was only when I understood that the secret lies in being able to say “no”, that joy, profit and passion found a place in my life.


It sounds trite – I know, but when we sort out the things in our lives that drain us, there will be time and energy for everything that actually makes sense for you and your family.


In other words, when you say “no” to others, you say “yes” to yourself, and so your dignity, your self-esteem and your joy in life increase.


It’s not easy, but I can help you make it happen in your life!


So you can create the life you dream of, without having to change your husband, children and dog!

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Rita Jacobsen

I feel that I have worked on something that is infinitely important and that all possibilities are right now at my feet.

Thanks a lot for your tools Lotte, insights and your spirit. It has made a huge difference!

Ada Duus

Mentor and inspirer is definitely the right title she has for the job, and I can only recommend starting a course with Lotte – you won’t regret it, because you get more value for money than you expect.

Dorthe Juul-Pedersen

Lotte is a formidable guide. Loving and No bullshit.


I love that it’s a mutual commitment.


I am much more self-loving and understanding towards myself. I feel much better whether to say yes or no to something. I navigate from a deeper and more loving place within myself.